Tuesday, February 26, 2008

OSO - Gu(i)lty...

There is a reason why Om Shanti Om (OSO) didnt do well in Andhra Pradesh !!!

OSO was gu(i)lty of distributing pain amongst all the locals there.

How you'd ask?

What do you think SRK's antics in six pack uttering "Dard-E-Teesco" meant for those poor folks there (Teesco in telugu is "to take".. therefore Dard-e-Teesco = to take pain)

*Walks back with a thunderous applause for the terrific-scientific-supersonic research work*

Monday, February 11, 2008


Flash News: Right after the sensational news of the main accused in the Kidney racket being arrested and sent to Delhi, in an unrelated incident, we have an exclusive INT-IYER-VIEW with the director of Iyer Education (aren't flash news like this these days?... totally unrelated...)

(C)correspondent:IE, where have you been?
(I)yer Education: We've been to London to see the queen (what do you think?)

C: Very Funny.. why are you not posting?
I: Well the university is out of Curry-Kolam(curriculum)

C: Rumors say its your marriage that is taking a toll on this... Any comments?
I: (Off Records)... Marriage is just a "Toll Naka" .. Its the wife who takes the Toll...

C: Are you doing anything good for this university or the students?
I: What do you think "not posting" is for?

C: We've been tracking your movements.. You don't visit other universities (reading blogs) and give guest lectures (commenting)...
I: We've been asked by the UN to keep away from doing such things in the name of WORLD PEACE (can you believe that?)

C: World Peace huh!!! That must be a huge responsibility?
I: EMI/Bills/Payments etc are a much bigger responsibility for us. World Peace is just incidental...

C: Any comments on the sliding Indian Stock Markets?
I: (as usual) Its the subject of our next directorial debut(2nd debut?) called "Saare Zameen Par"

C: What do you have to say about the declining IT Industry?
I: When you find us posting more often, you will definitely know what we are (not) doing...

C: Whats next for your university? If we are ever going to see it back in action.
I: We are going to apply for "Doomed"... errr... "Deemed" University status before we are back in action. We want least interference in our functioning

C: Any message for our readers/fans?
I: Sure (We like both of them)... Please read this post when published... even though it looks like random stupid commands typed on a command prompt... We Love you all... and your cute cousins too...

Ultra-Super-Duper-Flash News: India ka doosra wicket gira... aur Iyer Education ka post ek Publishing stunt hi tha aur kuch nahi...