Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali..

We here at Iyerospace wish All of you Readers (albeit, our dean always asks us to use Both instead of All, which according to him depicts the right number of people) a Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year.

Here are our wishes for Diwali...

We wish that..
.. you keep exploding crackers throughout the coming year unlike this year where the stocks and the stock market exploded instead of the crackers

.. the prices of your stocks keep going up with every session just like Akshay Kumar's market valuation goes up after every film that he completes

.. the upcoming year be peaceful without any Himesh music or Movie releases

.. there are no more reality(dance/singing) shows on television in the next year

.. Rajnikant gets a super super super star status just like sri sri sri ravi shankar. And that his roles (rajni's) in guest appearances be longer than the protagonist's

.. some of the elder cricket players declare their retirement and give company to Dada

.. you get wisdom and peace of mind by not reading this blog anymore

We thank you profusely for all the flowers, wishes, sweets, crackers that you didn't send across...

Happy Diwali again...


Diwali Greetings and Wishes said...

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silverine said...

LOL!! And "Amen". And you
are most welcome too for the last line! :p

My Blogroll is kaput and hence I did not get the update here. Now I have to keep clicking all the links to see if people have posted. Damn!

p.s the word verification read 'unwel'

Ghost Rider said...

LOL ... awesome site ... First time here. Will frequent more.

The Comic Project said...

email me at

iyerospace does not show any contact details for you

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