Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Note"worthy Politicians

well well well... what do we have to say about our "note"worthy politicians... they are just a wonderful bunch of stupid wierd ass (literally.. read ahead) dumb suckers... arent they?

First we used to hate the media for portraying our leaders in a very bad light... do you remember the first page photos of?

president falling over on a stage

prime minister sleeping in the parliament house

president trying to set dhoti that's come off in public

But now the media doesn't need to go looking for "say cheese" moments from these politicians... we have ready made politicians who stand with props and get themselves clicked and shot at... eventually shooting them to fame... (yes we can call it that)...

That said, we have a good , rather great, idea for both the briber and the bribee minister to keep the matter hush hush...

Briber ministers swiping credit cards on Bribee ministers' butt-crack to make payments so that the latter cannot bring cash into the house.

That way even if the minsters show up the butt crack as proof, the max that could happen to them would be to get a free hamper to get themselves treated for Piles/Fissures/Fistulas.


Karthik said...

LOL..And even those MP's who cross voted. It seems a Congress MP Surendra developed some chest pain just before the voting. And after a BJP MP sat next to him for some time , the chest pain went away ROFL..

Nikhil Narayanan said...


I liked the proof :D