Monday, May 14, 2007

Wanted... Did... Learnt...

Since we couldn't think of what should we write for a post for the past month or so, we decided to go with our own Raam Kahani of what we wanted, what we did for it & what we learnt from it. And, if by any chance, while reading, you listen to any kind of sound, just ignore it... those are fake laughters we added to this post to ensure that atleast somebody has a good laugh on this one :)

Wanted: To Eat Waffles (the ads make it took awesome)
Did: Ate Waffles with some Sweet Strawberry something... er... sauce...
Learnt: Waffles are nothing but 32-64 hollow Shankarpalis(without the sugar) joined together and some sweet sauce filled in those hollows...

To feel like we were in Mumbai
Did: Travelled By Trains and Buses in Chicago
Learnt: Naah... nothing beats Mumbai... The trains and buses here are actually EMPTY... do you believe that? But there are certain railway stations here that resemble Dockyard Road (station high above the road), Kanjurmarg (nothing around the station), Mahalaxmi (station below a bridge) etc etc... But empty trains have higher weightage than railway station look alikes... So Mumbai still rocks...

To see chawls out here in Amrika
Did: Went Down Town
Learnt: All chawls in Amrika are vertically arranged. You have gazillions of chawls here that start from 35 storeys and go all the way till 100 storeys... This place has entirely changed our "orientation" about chawls :)

Wanted: To see Amrika
Did: Came here for a 3 month project
Learnt: However nagging your wife, mom, dad or sis could be, nothing can beat being around them... however annoying they get... So if at all uncle sam wants us again... the deal better be for the entire iyer bunch :)

We are going to meet Apoo to see around DC. So we guess he better learn that he shouldnt be showing the place around to the director of Iyer education if he wants to stick around here... so Apoo... here comes the trouble!!!



Sense said...

tsk tsk...
WAnted: to see APOO
Did: see his reteating back
Learnt: never to warn people about your impending arrival!

Ajith said...

"Learnt: However nagging your wife, mom, dad or sis could be, nothing can beat being around them... however annoying they get." -- This is a common thing that all my friends @ onsite tell me..they miss India very much.

APOO said...

@Sense: LOL!!

After Iyers DC trip, he shall learn that he never saw the white house. That I drove him to some weird place in PA and showed him come white structure on a farm land.

Come Iyer, I eagerly await thee (rubs palms)

Sneha said...

hey this looks like tag-material!

n yea, it WAS funny :D