Saturday, March 31, 2007

FIM Moments on GTalk...

Being in amrika may lead to a whole new set of inventions that one thought were never possible. It has its own set of disadvantages like not being with family being the most important. But it has its own aspects of fun also. We discovered that aspect on saturday while we were talking to our family over GTalk.

The fun aspect was the fact that we did underestimate our parents ability to handle the computer and especially something as complicated as GTalk. Yes when you talk about handling something like GTalk to people around the age of 60, working at government organizations in India, it is quite complicated. Especially when one's forte does not go beyond adding songs to winamp or playing bridge online.

That is when we recognized that we did take ourself too much for granted... Assuming that we knew everything... and that our parents didnt know some of those stuff... And in those moments you come across FIM (Foot In Mouth) syndrome... We did come across such moments on saturday and here are excerpts of them...

With Appa(Dad)
Appa: he comes all the way from ambernath

: OMG = Oh My God

: I know this simple abevations I am ur dad

: i am sorry...
i forgot that part


me: brb..
: what u r using brb not international abbrevation

: brb = be right back

it is an international abbreviation

so finally i know something my dad doesnt know

: u know iam international bridge player

: yes partner

With Amma (MOM)
Amma: are you going to visit the white house and disneyland
: dont know about disneyland
washington ka plans to hai
: if so please take the snaps
: dekhte hai kya hota hai
: lol
: do you know what is lol
: yeah
laughed out loudly
and how did you know about it
: you thr have taken to much for granted

We have rocking folks in their 60's who are more tech savy than we are... Love you guys :)


PS: We have purposely edited the part where they give us loads of gaali galoch, which forms a part of our regular conversation, just to maintain a good image on the blog... Oh and this part is pure unadulterated and unedited...


APOO said...


Your parents rock (I figured that out when I met your Mom at ya wedding).

And yes, DC kaa plans surely on hai!

silverine said...

LOL!! Your folks rock!! Good one! :))

AlterinG Abhishek said...

pretty amusing!!
great folks you have!!

Vinod R Iyer said...

No wonder the Yours are so intelligent :)

Anonymous said...

hi...first time here..
nice blog...ur folks rock for sure...
hey i like the i iyer iyest as the vision statement.....
and the whole range of iyer bloghs that u ve to offer...
keep gng

Drifter said...

Hey "Poly-Morphic" Buddy... My first comment here!! Please ask ur parents to keep Rocking :)

Nariyal Chutney said...

from what is written in this chat transcript you are under estimating them .They may be reading this blog too :)

lilfern said...

rombha funny :-)

you might find this familiar :