Monday, October 16, 2006


On our way to work, we thought we would make a post on our engagement and then post it on this blog. But then we realised what kind of person we are when we read this, a genuine and a beautiful post by our dear friend memphis.

Update 1: Memphis, has deleted the page from his blog. Thorough gentleman that he is. But Google reader saved the day for us and we have this post for you. In complete Italics. We suggest you dont judge memphis by his post. His anger was genuine. Here's the post, courtesy Google Reader.

Before I go on squiggling down 101 ways of bitching and abusing Iyer;

1.) I am angry so I don’t feel like giving a any title to this post
2.) leme try and be the first one to break the news that this tiny mallu/tamil freak has been hiding away from all his friends (Iyer get a life, we understand u wish to be low key but at least inform!!!).

Friends, Our pal Arun Iyer;
a) “Owner of Iyer education”
b) “All in one laughter shows”
c) “who calls a small dog his horse”
d) “doesn’t feel weird wearing boxers and visiting a 5 star hotel”
e) “For whom maruti 800 is like a 1000 Sq. Ft. house”, “who used to stay at Andheri and USED to call us every time he is bored”
f) “who spits in a hotel, if he gets to know that he has to shell out Rs.90 for booze and Rs. 120 as VAT/ Service Tax over and above Rs. 90”
g) “who is half Abhijit’s height”
… man the list is long, is ENGAGED. Yes, this tiny MOFO is now engaged. As in that ceremony where a guy and a girl exchange rings!

We so happy to hear that, and this A**Hole doesn’t believe in sharing the news with us. Iyer, you’re freakishly mean. I don’t know when Abhi and Alap got to know bout this, but I got to know the night before he got engaged. As in if “tomorrow is the ring exchange ceremony so I’ll get to know tonite” that way. Iyer I know when u got engaged but I wont disclose any more details till the time u apologize and treat us .. ok if not treat us ,at least call & say sorry!

Arun, if you reading this stop laughing and feel ashamed, u “confused half mallu half tamil thing!”

I don’t I should spend any more time writing on this hilarious piece of introvert.

INTROVERT! IYER! Ok whatever … as u see m lil angry

Iyer: Congratulations and good luck bro..I know you’re practicing how to be quiet(for ya’ll, trust me on this its very tuff for iyer to be quiet); you’ll be like that after you get married. so peace I’ve got no complaints. and “Belated Happy engagement”

And Iyer, please don’t forget to inform your friends next time you get engaged or married :P

Mind it, at first we got offended. But when we sat thinking over it memphis was damn right. So we dedicate this engagement post to this beautiful piece of article that not just tells you about the engagement but also brings out the real person that Iyer Education really is.

Thanks Memphis for bringing all these points up. Genuinely. Also thanks to Infected for being so forgiving.

So we dedicate the engagement related post at the memphis blog... That is all we have to say...


PS: If you still havent got any clue of where things are heading, lets just sum things up for you and say it in a nutshell. We are the worstest possible human being alive today on earth.

Update 2: Sweety Pie Memphis (and every other near and dear friend i guess) has forgiven and forgotten all the pathetic acts committed by us and have come up with this... Love you guys...


infected said...

Grrr ...

BTW, I love you. You are my brother and you will always be so.

Saturday ko mil.

Bahut daaru pilaayega tereko.

Diwali Shithead and Daaroo.

memphis said...

congrats bro .. huggie

have deleted the post on mah blog .. it was too nasty..

infected said...

And happy engagement.

I still can't understand what Sapna saw in you, but I still can't see it.

I mean, she's so wonderful and you're so itchy.

But I guess it's like me and Prachi. :P

Cheers. We celebrate Saturday.

memphis said...

people: iyer somehow managed to give me a lot of senti and made me feel that i have been too harsh hence i thot of deleting the post.

girls: iyer can be right sometimes .. i may be a gentleman! :P

Why Am I said...

congrats!!!...super cool!

HP said...


Congrats on the engagement...

Now, you are in the best phase..Enjoy till it lasts :-)


the pooh said...

uh oh... oops ... i think it was me who spilled the beans.. pliss to forgive...congraaaaaaaaaaattttttttssssssssss

KJ said...

congrats, iyer and sapna...


enjoy the red label on sat or will it be IB?


paras: you are too kind... hugs!!!



KJ said...

iyer: you are lucky to have wonderful friends... n sapna of course!!!
fotoo kidhar hai? jaldi bhej or else i will post a NASTY post on my blog as well.. :p



Kautilya said...

congrats nigga!

Anonymous said...


Kusum Rohra said...

Congratulations and sypathies to the lady ! :D


Hey Hey Hey! I am so excited!! Me not scolding u as I should for not letting me know and also not INVITING me....

Glad to note tht your engaging engaement is over and we shal lnow wait for the "sadhya"... Let me know about tht ok...I need a reservation for the "sadhya".


Very happy for you guys man! Congrats to the duo! :)

Debalina said...

No. This can't be true. Na, you can't. No way.
Never. Nopes.
Geez ! You got engaged ? Really ?
Congrats !
Are you serious ?
Engaged as in that gifting gold and diamond rings to each other infront of everyone , kind of thing ?
You are kidding, aren't you ?
Congrats !!!!!!!! :)

venus said...

Congratulations for this new step in your life!

Cloudy said...

Congratulations! Are we getting a picture, or is that too much to hope for? :-)

Anonymous said...

i'll pray for sapnay

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She an Iyer Ponnu too? Just remember- you can be the I and the Iyer- but Sapna'll definitely be Iyest. that is the key to all hapiness.... send me photos via mail, PLiss!!!