Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Teachers Day!!!

Your professor at Iyer Education has been touched by the tremendous response that you have given on this sacrosanct day of Teacher’s Day. We have been highly obliged by all the good wishes that you have sent across.

We have liked all the gifts that our students have sent us. In particular, we would like to mention the benana chips, the haluwa and the packaged tender coconut water that has come all the way from kerala. We would also like to thank the students from TamilNadu who have sent in generous dosages of Pongal, Mixchar, Jaangri and Filter Coffee (in short SKC - Sweet Kaaram Coffee) from the famous Saravanabhavan stores.

It is indeed a great pleasure to be a Teacher eh actually a Director of this Iyer Education and it is a heart warming experience to see all of the wonderfully talented students coming here and getting stripped off all their talents, thus becoming one of the worlds best do no gooders.

All you students will be our treasured memorabilia’s in the future, when we can go ahead and proudly say, “This was the bright student, that we have so efficiently converted into a laggard of the very first order… something that he/she never imaged, he/she could have done, without our support…

Note: All of the above is lies and no one has wished us on this occasion of Teacher’s Day even after bringing out a completely new meaning for the word education

Happy Teachers Day to all my teachers. Plijj overlook the fact that we are running Iyer Education, which is imparting no education at all. But at least we are trying…



HP said...

Happy Teacher's Day Sir!!
And a very Happy Onam!!

Thanks for all the education imparted here. :-)


Kusum Rohra said...

the benana chips, the haluwa and the packaged tender coconut water

* chuckles *

Pongal, Mixchar, Jaangri and Filter Coffee

So now I know whom to send all the left over and/or spoilt food :)

Kautilya said...

happy teachers day.. n haaaaby Onam Nigga!

HP said...

Forgot to add..

A Happy Onam to all!!


silverine said...

ROFL Arun Iyer you are a menace. I thought I will come in 'yearly' to work today and fool my boss and now I am sitting here laughing away like a nincompooop :p

The offerings were hilarious and so was this post. See Teachers Days bought out the best in you!!

p.s. I am on blogger beta so have to use the 'Other' option to sign in. And me is blogrolling you, whether you like it or not :p

Sanjay said...

Sar!!! I am new so am sure you will excuse the delay. All these common net courtseys are alien to me, but am eternally thankfull for the education that I recive here.

Have sent tickets of Munnabhai goes to iyerospace as 1st gurudakhshina.


Bharath Hemachandran said...

What is teacher's day? me confused.

Happy tday nonetheless :)

iyer education said...

@HP, you are welcome brother... and where is the gurudakshina?

@kusum, left over food,plijj to send all of them... as long as you consider them whatever you want it to.. we like eating those, the way they are :P

@kautilya, wish you the same brother

@silverine, teachers day always brings out the best in us... please scroll down as we explain the concept of teachers day to bharath... and we are most humbled to have been blogrolled :)

@sanjay, i havent yet received the tickets... i will mark you passed in every subject as soon as i receive them

@bharath, teachers day is the day when we all have only "Teacher's" branded scotch... all other days we have all wierd form of desi darus and toddy's... so there :)