Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nusrat Fateh IYER Khan...

We by ourselves have never been able to come up with ideas that could have been converted into posts. We are neither that intelligent nor that talented. We seek the support of "Talent Finders" for us to discover our talent and then make up posts about certain things. All fellow bloggers ( Abhi, Alap, Bird, Apoo, Scribz, Idea) have helped us tremendously in coming up with ideas galore.


But this time around, a pointless converstation over GTalk with lesser popular blogger (okay... VERY VERY POPULAR) has inspiyered us to come up with this post. So a million thanks to Kusum Rohra for helping us unearth the hidden idea about the upcoming post.


This post is about late "Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan"(NFAK). He is a legend in his own rights and his style of singing and songs. We have no words to describe anything about him. Please go ahead and read every possible detail about him over here.


Disclaimer: This post in no way or form is made to showcase the works of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in bad light. So please do not consider this as an insult to his songs or his style. All of the below stated texts are fictional and have been used in pure humour. We are too piddly in comparison to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to make any judgements or make fun of him .


Now, coming back to the main point of contention of this post is that we have been the source of INSPIYERATION for most of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's superhit songs . We know that it is a very difficult thing to digest (just like Dabur Pudinhara) but in case you havent been able to swallow the above, let us repeat it again. We have been the source of INSPIYERATION for most of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's superhit songs .


By this time, most of the readers (one to be precise) will have doubts as to how can Iyer make such a claim (others would surely dismiss this claim). Don't you worry. We have proof here... and by proof we mean SOLID proof and not just LIQUID or GASEOUS proof. Aur waise bhi to PROOF hi present karne aaye hai ham yahan. So here's the proof. IRREFUTABLE PROOF... And by the end of this post, you will also believe that the songs were TRULY INSPIYERED by us. So there...



NFAK spent just one day with us or let us put it the other way round. we just spent one day with him and he came up with the most famous songs of all times.


The first glimpse of us and that glimpse was enough for him to pen "Kitna Kala Tujhe Rab Ne Banaya... Dil Kare Maarta Rava " and everyone knows how famous that song became. Even Amir Khan sang a copied version of that song to Karishma Kapoor in Raja Hindustani. Bally Sagoo also made a remix of the song which featured Arjun Rampal.


A little jaan pehchaan with Iyer and he came to know how disorganized and unplanned Iyer was and that was the theme of his next super hit " Dumb (guy) Must (use) Calendar". Like they rightly say "Everybody in life has a purpose, even if it is to serve as a bad example (and inspire superhit songs)"


Then as usual we discussed music and we stated that our favourite singer was Kumar Sanu. We also stated that he (Kumar Sanu) wasn't melodious or something but that all his songs made us restless. And this was the theme of his third famous superhit song " Sanu Ik Pal Chain Na Aawe". Did anyone of you know that this was dedicated to Kumar Sanu? Now you know...


Some deep conversation made NFAK quite sure that Iyer knows nothing about music or anything else under the sun. Iyer was more shallow than an palmful of water (chullu bhar paani). And he had to warn the other people about the same and obviously the warning was passed through to other people by a song called " Kisiko Iyer Na Mile" (link). We think Kavita Krishnamurthy sang the same song for some Hindi Movie.


NFAK couldnt bear us anymore and left us. We were heart-broken and like all heartbroken Devdas' we too visited a Bar all by ourselves and got ourselves drunk out of proportion and were walking on the roads like a drunk (red) bull. And NFAK spots us walking the walk of the drunk, comes to the conclusion that we are really drunk and pens down " PIYA RE... PIYA RE". Parveen Dabas looks awfully madrasi in that video (remember?)


Kind hearted that NFAK is, he decides to drop us home. But there was commotion there when our folks find out that we are drunk. That commotion created by my folks and the entire funny scenario was one of the most famous songs of all times " Iyer Peeke Ghar Aaya" . You must have seen Madhuri Dixit tapping her feet and hips to that song in Yaarana.


So there... Proof submitted... So next time onwards whenever you listen to any of the above stated songs, you sure know the source of INSPIYERATION behind all of those...




Kusum Rohra said...

LOL, like I told you, Iyeropatni has a very good reason to beat u up :)

And please don't even mention how much my help means to you, just send some cash.


"Kitna Kala Tujhe Rab Ne Banaya"
Wah Wah Wah.....Superb!!!! WHy didnt I start singing after contact iyer....Che...I didnt get inspired to do anything...Looks lik eu suck all the inspiration n others dont inspired arnd u!!!

APOO said...

Do u Iyers also look like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan?

I think there is a resemblance in the attire

Why Am I said...

i hope not!(referring to the looking like NAFK)!..Dumb Mast calendar?!hahaha

KJ said...

Dumb Mast Calendar.... ROTFL!!!

BTW, u forgot Afreen Afreen?



iyer education said...

@kusum 25 25 ke do note.. total fifty rupees on its way.. pls acknowledge and let us know

@scribz sucking inspiration... thats so bad... i do inspire people... didnt i inspire NFAK to pen these beautiful melodies... you just need to have the right thoughts to get inspired :P

@apoo what do you think... you are a better judge than we are... phantom chadds and baniyan isnt any form of resemblance... is it?

@why am i :)

@kkj :)

HP said...

aah..Pretty good mate!!
Cant think of anything witty to say(well I never can) ..

But surely, your role in making Nusrat sahab a gr8 singer has been largely ignored by the world..
May there be light!!

Rock on!