Monday, July 31, 2006

Mumbai & Navi Mumbai…

It's almost a month now that we have shifted to Navi Mumbai. Most people laugh at the idea of moving in from a posh locality in Mumbai to a more, lets call it "under developed" Navi Mumbai. Yes there were people of those sorts. And there are people (like our well wishers) who are always happy for whatever we do in life and we'd be always grateful to them. So we thought and decided to make a post differentiating between the two of them trying to bring out the differences that we have been observing for the last one month or so. Please note that the points stated herein are personal in nature and reflect only our thoughts on the above said topics.



Navi Mumbai


We believe that Mumbai is up to its brim and getting overcrowded by the hour. Lets say that it's satiated now.

Navi Mumbai is just about making its presence felt and there are people flocking there. So there is some more time for it to be satiated.


If you take the traffic part aside, we'd believe that Mumbai is the most convenient place to stay today and you are connected to every place by virtually every mode of transport. Buses, trains, autos, taxis all available in galore. Shopping options for women are close to Infinity (not the mall). Movie theatres galore. The equation is 1 movie and 20 screens in just one area.

Trafffic for now is not too heavy, so to speak. The transport infrastructure of Navi Mumbai is yet to develop. NMMT is nowhere close to BEST when it comes to its services. Taxis are almost inexistent. Autos have a higher fare than its counterpart in Mumbai. Currently has only one over-crowded mall and just a couple of theatres. So the options are pretty much limited


Virtually inexistent. We believe that things were done at the spur of the moment. Shops and parking lots coming out of nowhere and same goes for buildings et al. Just walk outside any railway station during peak hours in Mumbai and you'll come to know how messed up things are.

Looks like Navi Mumbai has learnt something from Mumbai. Plots are properly allotted. Ample spaces for parking allowed. Yes there are places that are virtually jammed, but they are too far and few in number. And most importantly the scene outside any station is very orderly. Trust us on that.


Things look very secure in Mumbai. Come back from office at 1:00 in the night and you'd still find hustle bustle going around. These are evident signs of how secure this place is.

Land up at any place post 10:30 PM and it will look as deserted as anything that you have seen. There are virtually no people you'd see post 10 – 10:30 PM. So we'd say its not too secure as compared to Mumbai.


In Mumbai, any place closer to a railway station is always preferred. And such places aren't available readily and if they are, then a premium is charged for such places. Sometimes it becomes unaffordable to get a decent place near a railway station

There are a lot of projects that are being currently developed and proposed that are supposedly to be in and around the railway station. And the prices are comparatively okay. And they are expected to fall as the real estate market is on an all time high nowadays.


The crowd would classify into lets say a good mix of class and mass and the ratio depends upon locality to locality.

Most of the crowd in and around this place is the mass crowd. Now that we are here, we'd add the "class" part here too. Just kiddin…

Investment in Estate

With the metro project given a kick-off, all those areas that are covered by the metro are very favorable for investment and they are meant to give you great returns both in the short and the long run.

This being an alternative to Mumbai, the returns on investment in this area would be good only in the long term. Good short term benefits are too far and few.

You'd be here if?

You seek luxurious and comfortable lifestyles with all the amenities available at a stone throw away. And you can bear the peak time traffic.

You seek a quiet and peaceful life, at least for the next couple of years. If you like to be surrounded by hills and all, please do have a look at this place. It rocks.

What we think?

We have spent a major part of our life in Mumbai. So no one can take Mumbai out of our heart. It plain and simply rocks.

It is the beginning of a new affair for us. The first month or so has been good. We would like to build upon this good beginning.

So there… our rational and un biasedviewpoints on Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. We shifted to Navi Mumbai because we had 4 chochlas (whims you can call it in English)

  1. Staying with parents, even after marriage (most important)
  2. Buy a bigger apartment than the existing one
  3. Buy something closer to the station
  4. Tax saving via housing loan repayment

And thankfully we see each of the above four (except point 1… for now) coming true and we are enjoying every bit of staying here. Its all a matter of convenience for us.



HP said...

So, we now have a ready-reckoner whenever anyone wants to shift to Navi-Mumbai..

btw, where eggjacktly in NM?



This is good man! I would love to live in NM and not M...Was in M for a few days and went totally mad at the homes or apartments are so small and there is so much everywhere..perosnally I like a bit more space, breathing if I may add. ......We understood the valuable point of differences our teacher, Iyer has taught us in this class. Thankyou Sir! :)

the pooh said...

like u said and like we always say ..we are always with u wherever u are...mumbai ho ya navi mumbai shopping tho hogi na:P

biju said...

Sir, that was a great analysis, sir. Though we don't plan to move out of namma Bengalooru, sir,we sincerely hope that some1 or the other benefits from this. :)) Man, it *is* weird using "We"

Why Am I said...

sorry i am late for class but a lesson well learnt!..and i do like ur reasons for moving to Navi Mumbai...tho considering ive seen more of Mumbai, i wud have to chose it

P.s. super cool.. i got WOWUP as word verification,,,like saying wow . uve move up!..haha

Kautilya said...

Hey.. nice analysis.. dude...

and was watching Megacities the other day, where Navi Mumbai was featured.

The same things were featured that u have put up mate.

All the very best for ur new beginning.

iyer education said...

@HP, not exactly a ready reckoner... its a collection of personal crap thoughts... heard of PALM BEACH ROAD?

@scribz, take a look at both M and NM and then make your own judgements... we dont want to cloud your thoughts... :)

@winny, shopping ke liye jagah kam hai... lagta hai post nahi padhti... but phir bhi... mall chota hai to kya hua... DIL to bada hai ;)

@biju, bengaluru also rocks... send one or two pubs from there to Navi Mumbai ;)

@why am i, now first do 25 baithaks for being late ;) and yes those are the real reasons... WOW ;)

@kautilya, navi mumbai and megacity? good good... nice info... now let me just find out where this meg(h)a stays ;)

Anonymous said...

yea yea, you don't have to pushy ..

we're coming for the ceremony

KJ said...

when is the house warming party???????



Kautilya said...

watch out fella....

meg(a) is the prejjident of the mallu ladijj association.. there... u wouldnt' wanna do something like that!

iyer education said...

@abhi, shabaash... well done...

@kj, let the summers begin... house khud-ba-khud warm ho jaayega ;)

@kautilya, as long as this megha doesnt know iyeropatni i dont care even if she is the chairman of world women's association... now back for the search ;)

silverine said...

GIve me a suburb like Navi Mumbai anyday. but that is because Blr is not like Mumbai. Very comprehensive analysis of the two places.

HP said...

Yeah..heard abt Palm Beach Road..The same road where they have a Palm tree in between??
But, seriously why you opted to live on roads in NM when you had a house in aamchi Mumbai.. :-)

Sorry...I am in weird mood today..hence the weirdest comment that I have ever posted..


KJ said...

stingyyy, miser, kanjoos....

sindhi ko bhi peeche chhod diya kanjoosi mein ... :p



iyer education said...

@silverine, "comprehensive analysis" makes me feel like a stock market analyst... thengew... i love imagining being someone :)

@hp, i am out there to prove that i am SON OF THE SOIL... and since soil is scarcely available, i decided to opt for the road (bottom line, i will always be there for some more pakaoogiri)

@kj, i am there to break all records... hindi, sindhi... all of them...

The Comic Project said...

hey look & feel!!!!! I likes it much. I liked your 1st chochla..though it is the one thing I have steered clear of.

Nice comparison between the city and the wannabe. Sorry short short reply. Lots of work. In between have to do TCP work also.

APOO said...

Chailya, this is actually looking like 'The Times of Iyer' now.

iyer education said...

@tcp, welcome back brother... the first chochla is more of a inbuilt requirement more than anything else... and now you can get back to work :)

@apoo, chammaila... chaila ka spelling bhi galat likhta hai... aur yes, these are the times (good and bad) of iyer ;)

Leon Nights said...