Tuesday, April 04, 2006


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Special Annual I(yer)ssue is one good way to promote this blog isn’t it?

{Begin Annual Issue Esspeshial Story}

Eggjactly one year ago, on this very date, ahem-ahem, 4th of April 2005 it was I vividly remember, amongst the chiming songs of “Boney M”, which goes… “Iyer’s Blogchild Iyerospace, was born on this very day”, was an angel (err not exactly an angel by any angle, but let me just be happy one day) blog uploaded. A day after the blog got uploaded, the author held the blog upside down and decide to spank the blog with the publish button so that it may come to life. Yes it did come to life with a horrific sounding hue and cry that still is echoing in the blogosphere. And the worst part (for all you guys) is that it managed to survive the first year of its inception, where most blogs are vulnerable to all sorts of diseases like “Bloggers-block-o-phimosis”, “Tag-me-and-you-lylolis”, “Post-a-mug-photosis” and various other diseases to be alive on its first birthday.

The road to survival was not very difficult especially after the municipal authorities and the very own kaarporetor decided to provide a helping hand to the author and provide all the required documentation (RSS, Template et al) to provide the kid with an identity in this world. I am seriously telling you guys, if you thought just bringing a child into existence was the most difficult thing in the world, try registering the child for nationality, ration card, security number etc, I am sure you would overcome your doubts regarding the most difficult thing w.r.t a child.

What next? Feeding? Yup Feeding it is… Initially, the kid was fed by some stupid posts that nobody decided to read, except for the same municipal authorities and the kaarporetor, that too because they weren’t paid for the documentation done by them and were trying to keep in touch with the author for repayment of dues. But one night, the author got blind sighted by some light and in this state of blind sightedness started feeding posts to the blog that made some sense or nonsense (one and the same thing when you consider this author). Now the kid looks (keyword here is “looks” and everyone knows looks can be deceptive) pretty decently fed (as in khaate peete khaandaan ka lagta hai). Let me again give this piece of advice to all “to-be” parents… Please feed your kids with good stuff, and don’t follow the footsteps of what the author fed his blog… You may end up with a “psycho” of a kid running after you to rip your heart apart.

The following topic will create a lot of sounds that goes like “eeeks”, “yucks”, “ewwwws” and all form of expressions that would express something that is grotesque. But you have to understand the fact that when it comes to kids, “crap” or “shit” is something that every parent has to deal with. The quote “shit happens” occurs more often with kids and that becomes even more frequent when the kids are less than a year old. Generally shit happens after you feed the kid, but in this case shit happened when the blog was fed and the dreaded “Publish” and/or “Republish Entire Blog” button was pressed. And shit happened all over. Trust me it did… This blog shat “on RSS feeds”, “on the exclusive blog template (which is like the lush kashmiri carpet)”, “on the blog page room”, “on the front room” and every possible nook and corner. But all that was carefully taken care of by the ever cautious readers who made sure that they never stepped on any of it (and someones helped clean the shit by adding some clean-up comments of their own). Good to have you by guys but bear with this blog, the kid is just one year, it will keep shitting atleast for the next couple of years, you have to take all the possible precautions to keep away from it and place your foot at the right places.

Finally all kids need company to play. You know peer pressure starts right from the beginning. And trust me this lil kid has got amazing company in the first year of its inception. Though I wouldn’t say the peers were kids like this, they were more of mature college professors. But they got along amazingly well with this kid, sometimes acting like a kid just for the heck of it. And trust me; I am very happy for this kid to have such a good company, right from the beginning. Thank you all the (old aged) college professors for being around and guiding this “headless chicken” of a kid to some sane place.

And the kid is still alive today… Right here in front of you… Narrating its own stupid story… With the thought that it would share the same with you, next year… and the year after that… and the year after that… (teen ke aage ginti nahi aati, so I stop here)

{End Annual Issue Esspeshial Story}

Iyerospace completed one year of an inconsequential existence in this blogosphere. A year that had a combination of good posts and bad posts, good ideas and bad ideas (good birds and bad birds… okay bad joke… still don’t get it… fellow Bloggers… idea… bird… ring a bell… still not… chal jaane de… aage badh), good templates and bad templates and a lot of other mixture of good and bad things. All the while making it fun… I hope I can come up / churn enough ideas to survive for the next year… But Kal kisne dekha hai… Kal Ho Na Ho… Let me wish my Blog a happy budday and give it “Dirghaayushyamaan Bhava!!!” ka aashirwaad, even though I know the concept of blogging will soon be a passé and something new would definitely come up.

They say time passes by when you are having fun and enjoying what you are doing. And you will die for the time to pass by when you are not enjoying something you are doing. One year of existence passed off like it just happened a day ago. I sure must be having fun… Let me enjoy it as long as I can… Even if it is at the cost of your good (physical and mental) health…



HP said...

Been reading your blogs for quite a while now. Never commented thought.

Congrats on completion of one year of nonsense :-)
Expecting more in the coming year..


Lord of all Things said...

is that harry potter up there??:P

anyway .. iyer .. itz okay shit happnes blogs like these also do!!happy budday!
now that we are done with the felicitaion ceremony?? where zthe cake??? budday cake??

return gifts?
or is that asking for too much?

IdeaSmith said...

Heppy burr-day to you...heppy burr-day to you....altho' shouldn't it be Happy Annual Day to the karta-dharta of Iyer Education?

Anonymous said...

y am i authorities?
(and that too in plural)

are you sure all the cotton is out?


HAPPY BUDDAY EYE EAR...Btw, can I look at the birth certificate??? ;)

Demi Goddezz said...

oooh huppy budday bloggy ...gave us so much education im soooo Iyenriched

iyer education said...

HP: thanks buddy...

lord: it was hari iyer... budday cake and return gifts is a strict NO NO... it will be done on the "nakshatra" or the "hindu calendar" budday... keep watching

idea: thengew... karta dharta gets nothing :)

abhi: does it make a diff to you when you cant read it, unless your browser provides you with text in braille script... otherwise everything is possible here afterall the web is the internet

scribblez: dont ask for any documentation... all of them are forged... shhhhhh

winny: u make this blog sound like an iyer branded shampoo or a conditioner ;)

APOO said...

Happy Birthday Iyerospace.

Glad to know I am municipal. Jes came to about it a lil late, else all publicity would require a bribe!

The Comic Project said...

Happy b'day iyerospace. Hopped on here from not sure where but good stuff here

Me! said...

Hey...congratulations for completing One (I)year. May your baby continues to grow for many more...

HP said...

@Lord OF All Things,

No, it is Hairy Putter over here ..


Demi Goddezz said...

eh... Iyer education educates people on how to use conditioners and shampoos too..good good...:P u shud keep up the IYespirit

iyer education said...

apoo: yes you are municipal... i DEMAND a municipal corporation that serves "joshi ka josh"... and who better than you ;)

comic project: thengew

me!: this baby will only crap all over for the next couple of years... thanks for the wishes

HP: thanks for the clarification... i thought it was hewlett packard

winny: yes looking at alap and apoo, iyerospace should definitely be helping around with more of conditioners and shampoos :D... and they are good for your tresses too ;)

Lord of all Things said...

i wud have like dit better if he had said Helwett-Packard im obserred iwth the (comp)any..

Lord of all Things said...

i mean obsessed! my typing (sigh!!)

iyer education said...

lord: actually obserred phoenetically sounds like "absurd" which in any case would have made more sense than 'obsessed' :P

HP said...


The name has gone a lot of changes and for your company, Hewlett-Packard doesn't sound bad :-)