Thursday, March 09, 2006

The search ends right Iyer (here)…

I got this blog registered with, quite a good tool I say. It shows places from where people came and shows places where people went from here. That I thought would be good information.

Most of the users came via “Blog Hopping” as in referred to by other Blogs or through the links on other Blogs. And most of them checked out other Blogs from especially Memphis, who seems to be amongst the topmost outgoing link consistently.

But what took the cake were the search results i.e. the searches on which Iyerospace ended up being a search result. Let me just say they are anything but sensible. Just like Iyerospace. Here are some of them for you to go through. Just don’t laugh too loudly, the author may object.

Statutory Warning: Ladies & Gentlemens and Neals & Nikkies, the searches that you are about to see are performed by people under expert supervision. Do not attempt this by yourself. Don’t try it at home/office/any other place where you can lay your hands upon a computer. It may be injurious to your overall health.

Google Search: reasons for failure of iodex

Yahoo Search: rapidex english

MSN Search: lyrics aye kaash ke hum

Google Search: lust.exe

Google Search: mundu and veshti kerala womens

Google Search: kaun banega kbc sound

MSN Search: chennai chicks

Google Search: farewell party speech in india

Google Search: vattal kozhambu

Google Search: bhagyashree + sallu

Yahoo Search: video of sarabhai vs sarabhai

Google Search: some day mltr mpg

I profusely sympathize with all the “searchers” for Iyerospace to be a part of their search results. I just have one question now, Why me? Why ? Why?

Now you can stop laughing at me…



Anonymous said...

lust.exe fits i have to say ... funny boy

Sensorcaine said...

My personal favourite: rapidex english- though i must say,Bhagyashree + sallu come a very close second!

Demi Goddezz said...

eh? hmmm yeh lo..Iyer is now the Search pakao karte karte ..tere paas hi sab aajate hein..haey raam

iyer education said...

abhi: lust.exe sounds like i am a program...dont reveal truths here... that can be done offline :)

sensorcaine: for a moment i thought i was nallis / kumaran silks when i read "mundu and veshti kerala womens"

winny: search pakaoo kya hota hai re... i am ALL PERVASIVE pakaoo... everything included in there!!!

memphis said...

WTF!!! reasons for failure of iodex!!!

Dude stop talkin crap ;)

Bird said...

I have one reason for failure of iodex, i'd applied iodex on my left leg instead of my paining right leg & spent the day wondering as to why i was getting no relief from the pain.

Valid question...there should be more sites dedicated to such things

iyer education said...

paras: most of the reasons for failure of iodex happens to be in the comments section... so you stop posting crap comments :P

bird: you are right... you care for the overall health of human beings alive today... way to go...

memphis said...

abbe daar raha hai yaa dara raha hai?

iyer education said...

daraane ko hi try kar raha tha... then i read this... (an update to searches list)

MSN Search: baniyan solution
Google Search: actor rajnikaanth+ maharashtrian

ab mein dar raha hoon :)

amIda1 said...

hmm.. bloglog? not impressive. gives even more comprehensive info. i think you have registered with statcounter which has a log size of only 100. gostats service is pathetic as in i cant log in half the time but the info is pretty comprehensive.

i feel its a great service to pollute the internet. Its great to waste time of idiots looking for iodex and indian idols! :)

Lord of all Things said...

here is my addition to ur search searched google for iyer education: here take~!~

iyer education said...

urda1: thanks buddy... will try that tool someday, but for now... its mybloglog... and i like polluting everywhere :)

loat: LOL... that guy COMPLETELY resembles me :D

IdeaSmith said...

Hohoho....some list of credentials for Iyer Education!