Monday, March 13, 2006

My Fav Southie Movies…

Being brought up in a Tamil Brahmin family, one would generally expect me to be an avid viewer of Tamil /Malayalam movies. Oh yes I do watch Tamil and Malayalam movies. And I love them too. So here is the list of my all time favourite Tamil & Malayalam movies. Don’t ask me where I have seen them. It’s my own personal lil collection and before you ask…

No, I won’t rent / share the CD’s or DVD’s of these movies…


Pi(ye)rates Of The Cochin
Pi(ye)rates of the Cochin is a sweeping action-adventure story set in an era when villainous iyers scavenged the Cochin city. This roller coaster tale teams a young man, Vaidyanathan Ramaswamy, with an unlikely ally in rogue Pi(ye)rate Subramaniam Doraiswamy. Together, they must battle a band of the world's most treacherous iyers, led by the cursed Captain Krishnamurty, in order to save Subbalakshmi, the love of Vaidyanathan’s life, as well as recover the lost payasam and rasam that Subramaniam seeks. Hovering their dhotis in a fierce mortal combat, Vaidyanathan and Subramaniam attempt to recapture Mariamman Koil (temple), save the Cochin mallus, and relinquish a fortune in payasam and rasam thereby lifting the curse of the Pi(ye)rates of the Cochin

Loyally Iyer
Meenakshi Iyer has it all. She's the president of her sorority, a Miss Tirunelveli, and, above all, a natural Iyer. She adores the cutest boy in high school, Mr Wagle (non Iyer) on campus and wants nothing more than to be his dharampatni. But, there's just one thing stopping Wagle from popping the question: Meenakshi is too “Iyer” for him. So, when Wagle packs up for Loyola Law College (famous college in Chennai) and reunites with an old sweetheart from high school, Meenakshi rallies all her resources and gets into Loyola Law College (that explains the title… still don’t get it huh?), determined to win him back. But Law College is a far cry from the comforts of her hair oils and silk saree shops. Meenakshi must wage the battle of her life, for her guy, for herself and for all the Iyer ladies who suffer endless indignities everyday. And does she do it or what? Way to go Iyer gurl… I am proud of you… (Oh, by the way, I am single too…)

Menon Management
Unnikrishnan Menon is a hardworking businessman with a pacifistic nature that has often gotten the best of him. But a simple misunderstanding aboard an airplane quickly escalates into a legal nightmare for Unnikrishnan. Now, the only way he can avoid jail time is to seek the help of a very unlikely menon management instructor known as Dr. Vasudevan Nair. The good doctor's unorthodox methods border on unconventional and nearly psychotic and sometimes to the extremes of being nairotic(neurotic), but may be the perfect antidote for Menon, who has been a stepping stone his entire life.

The Lungi
Biju Chettan is just a lowly naariyalpaaniwaala for Mr. Million Nair (actually Mr Nair is a secret agent, but don’t reveal it to anyone… Shhhhhh), until Mr Million Nair has an accident that puts him in the hospital. Biju is sent back to fetch some things for Mr Nair and unknowingly tries on Nair’s Lungi and finds that it gives extraordinary powers to anyone that wraps it around. This discovery thrusts Biju into world of international intrigue and espionage and pairs him with an inexperienced partner (Lola Kutty)

Sound Of (Carnatic) Music
Mahalakshmi is a failure as an on-stage performer. Her guru sends her off in answer to a letter from a retired namboodiri for a governess for his seven children. She goes to their house and finds that she is the latest in a long line of governesses run off by the children. She teaches the children a blend of thyagaraja keerthanams and carnatic music and that becomes their bonding force, of course leading her to fall in love with their father (naughty namboodiri) and marries him. As this is happening Kerala votes to be assumed by Left forces on the eve of Onam.

If you are a Tamil / Mallu and haven’t seen any of the above stated movies, you sure are missing something. If you are non Tamil / non mallu, then don’t fret, you weren’t authenticated to watch these movies in the first place. And let me tell you one more time… do not expect me to circulate the CD’s or DVD’s of these movies.

Description of the original movies courtesy IMDB


PS: I don’t have enough courage to re-read whatever I have written. It is very pakaoo yaar… As usual, please ignore if possible. Beginning of the week ka symptoms hai!!!


Sensorcaine said...

HA!!! nice collection. You have me burning up in envy! you're missing a few in your 'must-haves' though:
'million- dollar Baby Kutty': the fight of a brave female tam-bram girl in the male- dominated world of US IT exports

'memoirs of a thamboorati'- No explanation needed here


Ha Ha Ha....Nice one...:)

Because of B said...

you might want to read this blog called "Lungi Singh" which a frnd of mine and i created long back but somehow abandoned the attempts to continue.

Because of B said...

oops here is the correct link

Me! said...

Damn cool!! Really funny!

Lord of all Things said...

i agree with ur p.s
btw luved ur budget thoh

Demi Goddezz said...

hahah lol..kollam kollam kala kolapathakam....:P so then what will be the names of the movies we are gonna make?

APOO said...

I want more....

Mera Iyer Sirf Tera Hai
The Last of The Iyers
Iyer jaye parr CT naa Jaye
Iyer Iyer Hota hai
Kabhie Mallu Kabhie Tam
Iyeray (Sholay)
Andheri raat mai, Iyer's chaddi dhaap ley (Andheri raat mai, diya tere haath mai)

iyer education said...

sensorcaine: can i borrow the missing ones from you? i heard they were great movies and won the Moscars and Toscars (mallu and tam oscars respectively)

scribblez & me!: thangew..

b: the blog was wonderful.. i wonder why that has gone dormant? the lungi flew or somethin?

loat: you have to agree with all that i have to say... it is iyer dictatorship that is ruling here :)

winny: we can call our movie "Ping Pong - Size Does not matter" other suggestions can be discussed over gtalk ;)

apoo: so many movies? i will have to contact the 'k' woman to get all the movies on the floor? you want to direct any of them?

Lord of all Things said...

ofcourse! y else wud i be bothering so much! for me temporary faculty/visiting wud be okay too!
u Rock!! u just rock! saar.. wat abt my job now?

iyer education said...

lord: you are back on honorary basis.. you will start receiving your pay only after 99% of the students fail in this university... take it from me, its a tough target...

Lord of all Things said...

yay!!!!!!!! im employed again!!!!!! yay! i can buy newclothes with the pay!! yes i will make sure u will get 100% fail candidates sir!!
du need some coffee sir?

biju said...

damn, i can't wear a lungi even if my life depends on it!! :D

insanely humurous. keep going, buddy

The Talkative Man said...

An I(ye)ridescent post!!!
BTW heard of this one - 'the iyer you go, the iyengar you become'?