Saturday, October 29, 2005

Shubh Deepawali

Iyer Supply, wishes all its readers, fellow Bloggers and other people having access to this post, “A Very Happy And Prosperous Diwali And A Prosperous New Year”. But this time around Diwali won’t be as much fun as it would have been last year. One of the main reasons being, this year could be termed as a year of natural calamities. Millions and millions of people have lost their lives between last Diwali and this one for no fault of their own. Millions of others are still suffering the consequences of the calamities.

I would like to wish the following people specially, so that there is light in their lives this Diwali onwards. They need it much more than we do. These guys and the other survivors need lights and prosperity to continue with whatever they have in their already made miserable lives. Let this Diwali be prosperous and beneficial to the following.

· The survivors of the Tsunami waves that hit Asia during December 2004 rendering millions and millions of people jobless and homeless.

· The survivors of incessant rains in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Vidharbha, Bangalore and Chennai bringing life to a standstill to millions of people.

· The survivors of the hurricane destruction brought about by Katrina and Wilma who were confronted to nature’s wrath.

· The millions and millions of people who are being tortured and killed everyday at Iraq and still go un-noticed.(I know this is not a natural disaster, but I cant think of excluding them because they are undergoing the worst calamity of their life, even worse then Saddam himself).

These guys need much more prosperity than we do. We need prosperity to get ahead in life. They need prosperity to survive. So let me wish them all special “Happy Diwali & A Prosperous New year” and wish them a great year ahead of them. Let they have all the strength, courage and opportunities that are required to get them back on their feet and resume a normal life that they would have been leading otherwise. Let me re-iterate it again... These guys need much more prosperity and happiness than we do.

I know… I know, too sensible a post to be appearing on Iyerospace, but then these wishes are heartfelt and the rule of the thumb is, “Whatever is heartfelt, has to be on Iyerospace


PS: Just to end on a senseless note, Deepawali can be broken into Deepa-Wali and the most famous Deepa-Wali is “tarannum” or more popularly known as “tannu”. I will take this opportunity to wish her “Happy Diwali” too ;) (I hope you are reading this)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Lot of people who have tullee sessions with me will vouch for this. I love making parodies and doing mimicry (mee-mee-cry as abhi would like to put it) once I down a couple of pegs (bird, its not brandy and hot water). I just love ripping songs and actors apart. Okay I accept the fact that the only one who likes those parodies and mimicries is me, but again it’s out of motherly love, because my parodies and mimicries are my own babies. Others keep staring at me like I have thrown out a tear gas dabba. But there are other times (read: very very very very fewestest) when the parodies and mimicries are genuinely funny and we all have a good laugh at it.

This post isn’t about bragging about me and my capabilities to pen sucking parodies and word pathetic mimicries. I thought about extending the concept of parodies and mimicries to Blogs and blog posts. So this post would be about how certain people would write (not entire posts, but a couple of lines) about a certain situation. Now this is going to be difficult and not going to be “so funny” because this is a new concept that is not yet tried and tested. So please ignore (as you guys most often do) any form of mistakes or overstatements herein.

Hmmm… so what do we need to start off… ya right… a topic to write about? And that would be… (so what is making news here in Mumbai on a daily basis)… okay fine… lets take the topic to be “The Closure of Dance Bars In Mumbai”.

Disclaimer: Most of these authors wont like to comment on a situation like this. Hence all the views made herein are purely fictional and in no way or form depicts their thoughts & views on the given topic. Some contents may be copied to the clipboard from your blog and then pasted on this post. Please consider this as an act of ignorance and not infringement of the copyright act.

Idea(xxfactor style)

The decision of closing down all dance bars and rendering the entire bar girls jobless has been taken by ONE MAN. It’s like this. Men are so understand, to read, to react to and to judge and so are their judgments. Given an opportunity, this man would rob all women of their livelihood. But these women are strong, very strong. Maybe it is automatic defenses that are built in them as a result of conditioning that tells them that they are vulnerable and have a lot more to lose from a mistake that this man commits. As women robbed of their livelihood, they have to build some defenses and nastiness is one way to ward off unwanted attention and keep away from getting into prostitution rackets etc. In reply to his decision I guess, I can only say (this to the bar girls) keep trying and keep your fingers crossed.


Inka Dil keh raha hai baar baar
Kyun band hai ye saare dance bar…

Karta hai sab dance girls ko bekaraar
Saare bouncers aur waiters ko kar diya bekaar…

Bas inka dil keh raha hai ek baat
Bar khul jaaye to kaam ho jaaye start…


Ladkiyon(girls), the dance bars are closed. What’s your backup plan?

Since ages all dance bar owners have been preparing their bar girls to deal with the above one liner.

Sarkaar waale kya kahengay? (Translate: What will the people in law say)

Dear, the way to a customer's heart (since the bars have been closed) is through his stomach.(earlier it used to be located somewhere else)

It’s been put down as a bar-girls noble duty to entertain. The more variety and lesser the clothes, happier the customer and higher the tips. It’s a fact, accepted. At face value. Now wait dear. Keep that gun down. Before some gangster pulls the trigger let me explain. This post is not about the bar girls and the tradition of dancing being passed down from one to another.

For an unemployed bar girl, nothings more lucrative than a having a career where they can cook. Agreed?

Here. I'll let you in on a little secret. The way to a customer’s heart is through his stomach. Yup guys. The world has changed, the dance bars are closed, open ya eyes.

Practice makes a bar girl perfect. Slow but steady, they will get better. First they should experiment on fellow bar girls if they survive, then their neighbours and if they too survive, they would be ready to open their own restaurant. And thus all the bar girls will be employed back again


Been a long time since I realized that there used to be dance bars & that they needed my attention, of course the same goes for my toenails & my fingernails, thankfully the hair fall off & take care of themselves. But I have decided to make amends to the situation & here is my first attempt at creatively using the spare time I get after the dance bars have been shut, by writing about them that is. Anyways I have quit my earlier job, left my Reay Road station behind and left my beloved Harbour Local even farther behind and the memories about dance bars being the farthest. I was attending a meeting when this happened, when I heard about what RR Patil decided to seal the fate for all the bar girls. What got my attention this time was I heard Madnesh screaming. I could plainly hear him yell “Oh F****!!” around 20 times till I got out of my office. Only to find the news being aired on NDTV. Gone were the days when me and Murali would shower notes on the bar girls in “doosra” style. All of that is gone now. I can’t help but laugh as I look back, life was weird then than it is now. I think I am getting old or lazy or both to be doing stupid things. Closed Dance Bars suck the joy out of living.


This minister dude, lets call him X, is the epitome of banning skits world over. He is directly affected by everything under the sun (also the moon. I have rarely heard about dance bars open during day). Trust me on this when I say EVERYTHING, I most certainly mean it. X is also amazingly skilled at making the other person believe that he/she (the person speaking with him) is severely flawed in all aspects of life and the best option for him/her and the living world is simply to not be in the living world (and shut the enterprise that earned them their living). And he/she will select the best possible method to end his/her hideous livelihoods. Thus the dance bars in Mumbai have been shut down.

A mighty lot have fallen into his trap already and its only time till they snap into suspended animation and ask the almighty for forgiveness. Life for them as a neutral isn’t as easy either. This, is what X has done to the dance bars in Mumbai.

Uncut news: Some unconfirmed reports are that he's going around the city stopping vehicles on the road asking them for their PUC papers.

Watch out fellas. X might just break your day!!

Now all the above mentioned people, now you can start the process of bashing... Let my soul rest in peace


PS: Mimicry on blogs is much easier than offline… Ctrl + C and Ctrl +V is definitely a boon that I should thank MS for :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Hum Aapke Hain Blog

What do you get when you put in

  • 2 engagements
  • 1 shagun
  • 2 marriages
  • 1 god bharai
  • 18 songs
  • 1,436 relatives &
  • 23,567 liters of tears

all in one place. Do I have any answers? Can I faintly hear the right answer? Yes the answer is right… A “Sooraj Barjatya” movie. One of them happened to be “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”. Let us not talk about “Hum Saath Saath Hain” or “Mein Prem Ki Diwaani Hoon” (by the way, the watchman of my building is called Prem, and this is girlfriend’s favorite movie), because they were FLOP movies. And here in IYER SUPPLY, we talk of only hit things and that’s another reason why Iyer gets constantly hit (actually slapped) by his near and dear friends. Digressing? Sure thing… so let’s get back to where we were… and it was… ummm… ya right… “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”. So we will be talking about this hit movie, but in zara hatke style.

We would be talking about “Ham Aapke Hain Blog” which is being made by Rumpelstiltskin and is “inspired” by the movie made by Sooraj Barjatya. So what do we have here? Good question… This movie would contain:

  • 2 Blog Servers
  • 1 Blog Trading Center
  • 2 Blog Search Engines
  • 1 Blog Roller
  • 18 posts
  • 1,436 Fellow Bloggers
  • 23,567 comments in all
Let us not forget the 4 blogs that are the stars of this movie

The story goes on something like this.

{{{Begin Story}}}

There is a family of two brother blogs and there is another family of two sister blogs. The elder brother blog of the brother’s blog family gets a link integrated to the elder sister blog of the sister’s blog family. (4 of the total 18 posts are used up here). They, then accept each other and finally add each other as members in their respective blogs (get married in human being parlance) (Another 4 posts are used up till this stage).

In the meanwhile, the younger brother blog of the brother’s blog family finds out about the younger sister’s blog of the sister’s blog family. These two blogs, unlike their elder blogs, decide to follow the traditional way of making each other members in their blogs. They read each others posts, they blogroll each other and then finally decide to integrate the link each other on their blogs. (Another 7 posts are used up in the meanwhile)

As the adage goes “there has to be a twist in every story”, the elder sister blog had to get wrapped up after some legal tussle with some agencies. The elder sister blog is shut down and the elder brother blog goes into depression (2 posts coming your way at this time). The twist here is that, the archives (elders) of the brother’s blog family and the archives (elders) of the sister’s blog family decide to have the elder blog brother and the younger blog sister to be members in each others blogs.

Again as the adage goes, “twists are not good in odd numbers… they are always good when they are in even numbers…”, there is yet another twist to this story. The elder brother blog goes through the comments of the younger sister blog and finds a set of comments, which are actually a communication between the younger brother’s blog and the younger sister’s blog. He is devastated by what he reads and is even more devastated by what would have happened in case he hadn’t read it. There he comes to know the relationship between them and decides to step down from being a member on the younger sister blog.

Then the younger brother blog of the brother’s blog family and the younger sister blog of the sister’s blog family become members in each other’s blogs (tie the knot) and they live happily ever after. (The last of the 18 posts figure here)

{{{End Story}}}

Please note that I have not mentioned about the 1,436 fellow bloggers and the 23,567 comments in the script. It would be a part of the detailed screenplay.

“Big deal… so what does this film has to say?” you’d ask… I simbly have to say this, “The relationships between technology and Bollywood films is much more inter-twined than we know. The relationship between Bollywood and Bloggywood is much more complicated than we think it is and Bollywood can definitely be tech savvy…”

So watch out for this movie… it could soon be on a theatre near you (provided Bird can steal enough funds to make this movie and Abhi steals some good quality equipment and gets it back to India and Paro makes some good quality campaigns for us, free of cost… Until then, this would be just another script… please do not steal it… its ORIGINAL)


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Perfect Men!!!

Somebody sent me an email today listing 25 things that a perfect man would do for his woman. On receiving that mail and going through it, I realized two things…

  • If a man actually does some of the acts that were stated there, then he will cease to be a perfect man. At least men will cease to accept him as one of them ;)
  • I don’t think there exists something called perfect women. (But there is perfect TEN)

And puhleees, all these acts are mushy enough to be written down leave alone performing them. But if at all… please pay attention… the key word is… IF AT ALL… A man was to be doing these things for his woman; it would not be out of romanticism or out of mushiness… but out of perfect rational & logical explanation to the situations around him… What I would like to re-iterate is that, if your man does this to you, there is a perfectly rational & logical explanation to it… It is because god has made Man of a very rational & logical character (if you can’t read between the lines, read this between parenthesis… women are not rational & logical). So here it is ladies and gentlemen; the “An Unofficial Guide to Men and their RATIONAL & LOGICAL Thinking”.

Following are the 25 points (in normal font) and the ones in bold are the rational and logical explanations to them. The points are courtesy of a mail sent by a classmate. The explanations to those actions are courtesy, yours truly.

1. Know how to make you smile when you are down.
Explanation: he wants her keep smiling so that she doesn’t be feel let down when she comes to know about his other affairs

2. Try to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice.
Explanation: he's trying to figure out, if she's taken a bath

3. Stick up for you, but still respects your independence.
Explanation: he has no other choice. If he had one, he would have left her long ago

4. Give you the remote control during the game.
Explanation: he's feeling really sleepy... he will be satiated with watching the highlights tomorrow

5. Come up behind you and put his arms around you.
Explanation: he's tired of looking for an arm-rest, when the arms are actually paining

6. Play with your hair.
Explanation: he’s telling her, how disheveled her hair is, that he can actually shred them

7. His hands always find yours.
Explanation: he's forgotten his PDA and needs something the size of a PDA to hold

8. Be cute when he really wants something.
Explanation: he's trying every trick (lie, cheat & steal) in the book to get what he wants

9. Offer you plenty of massages.
Explanation: he's showing her what is expected of her, when he's tired

10. Dance with you, even if he feels like a dork.
Explanation: he's giving her a chance to look good... all other times its the other way round

11. Never run out of love.
Explanation: he never runs out of love, he only runs away from love

12. Be funny, but know how to be serious.
Explanation: he's just showing her that he can be seriously funny

13. Realize he's being funny when he needs to be serious.
Explanation: he's making her realize that everything in life doesn’t need to be taken seriously

14. Be patient when you take forever to get ready.
Explanation: who told her that... hasn't she heard of STAR SPORTS, ESPN, TEN SPORTS etc

15. React so cutely when you hit him and it actually hurts.
Explanation: he has no other option... if he hits back, then she has to be admitted and kept in ICU

16. Smile a lot.
Explanation: that’s the best way of hiding all his troubles (especially her)

17. Plans a romantic date full of cheesy things he wouldn't normally like to do, just because he knows it means a lot to you.
Explanation: no match(sports), a dry day, the computer is down, no porn cds available... so he comes up with something like this!!!

18. Appreciate you.
Explanation: he is a very very unsuspecting liar

19. Help others out.
Explanation: only if the others are guys and are his close friends

20. Drive 5 hours just to see you for 1.
Explanation: driving for 5 hrs is any day better than being with her for 1 hr... its the thrill of driving that makes him do this

21. Always gives you a peck on the cheek when you depart from each others company, even when his friends are watching.
Explanation: he doesnt want her (with lipstick on her lips) to peck him and make him feel embarrassed in front of his friends... so he takes the easier way out

22. Sing, even if he can't.
Explanation: thats one way of keeping away from her

23. Have a creative sense of humor.
Explanation: every guy has it... not every gal realizes this

24. Stare at you.
Explanation: he's staring a coupla inches below her neck... how so sweet of him?

25. Call for no reason.
Explanation: a lot of times boredom and no-one else to talk to can drive him to do this

As per my rational and somewhat limited thinking, I guess every man has to be a perfect man coz I guess every man thinks in this way. If you beg to differ, please get your hormones checked, you may need a gender change ;)


PS: abhi, apoo & bird: xxfactor mein iske against kuch aa gaya to bacha lena!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Bird Campaign!!!

Life (atleast for me) has never been the same ever since we decided to have Elections for the post of Prime Minister on Blogosphere. The contestants were; Bird, Abhi, Alap, Paro & Baangd. So like any good selection process first we filter out the non-match, and that turned out to be Paro, Baangd and Alap. Now comes the difficult part of selecting the prime minister and the ones that are left out (Bird & Abhi) are amongst the ones who will be the PM of blogosphere.

Everything was going smoothly, until Abhi decided to have a campaign manager. That’s when things changed from a game to a thoroughbred professional election campaign. Dear ol bird was keeping mum and low and decided to carry through all by himself… until…

Until a great day arrived, which happened to be just before Dussehra, again an auspicious day, when Bird had a clandestine meeting with Iyer, in the presence of the great BABA. There with mutual consent, it was decided that Iyer will be the campaign manager for Bird and together they will fight the atrocities created by Abhi and more importantly, his campaign manager.

Lots of things were said and done on various blogs. Naara lagaya, gaana banaya, dance bhi dikhaya… lekin kuch bhi raas nahi aaya. So as long as this thing is working on a low-key level, things were alright, and bird required no campaign manager for winning. He is already a hero. But then the opposition considers our silence as our weakness and hence… here it is… the campaign of Bird… exclusively on blogosphere… The future Prime Minister does believe in the system of transparency… and hence has gone ahead to provide his campaign to the public at large, so that they can come to know the greatness of our honourable ‘to be’ prime minister. So… oppositionwaalon… ham aayenge… aur tumhari baind bajaake jaayenge…

· A 10 minute video is already being discussed by the NCFI (National Campaign Federation of India), which is a premier organization in making campaigns for politicians. We have block booked some of their best technicians from directors to editors etc and going to make this video and call it “India Flying”. The discussion for script is being finalized and Bird will make a 3 minute appearance in the video, the rest 7 minutes be given to the people who will voice their ideas about “India Flying”. People interested in shooting for the campaign can mail me later…

· For the very first time in the history of Indian Politics, the campaign is being funded by the greatest Venture Capitalists of the world. Discussions are going on, and the VC’s are very optimistic about the return on their investment. Never before in the history of politics has a campaign being funded by VC’s. It is solely their confidence on bird that they have gone ahead and taken such a bold step. The amount for the campaign is being pegged at $2-$3 Billion, though the actual amount has not yet been disclosed.

· The entire amount received for the campaign has been put to good use and has been totally accounted for. Mr Shehnaaz Treasurywalla under the COACHERING of “The Great Grandmother of All Banks” has been appointed as the treasurer. And every paisa spent on the campaign will be accounted for and audited statements will be provided on demand.

· 1/5th of the amount so received as campaign funds will be used up to buy the UB group. This would help us to provide free daru, as required by the people at large in the quantity that they require. The range of daru is wide and includes flagship brands like Mcdowell, IB, RS, RC etc

· 1/10th of the amount so received will be used to buy out ITC and Sambhaaji Beedi group. People will be provided, at demand, a wide range of smokes, ranging Wills, gold flake (bada aur chota), classic (milds, regular and menthol) and last but not the least, the world famous sambhaaji beedi.

· All the pakshis that are kept in confinements of the zoo, national park etc will be freed. This will depict that all pakshis are free willed and are allowed to do what they want. This will also depict the love of our honourable ‘to be’ prime minister for nature.

· Happy Restaurent (you read it right), will finally be given the grant that the government has been delaying to make. This grant was asked by the hotel 10 years back to make a small change in the spelling. This would depict that our honourable ‘to be’ prime minister is a commoner and a man of the masses and not someone who goes abroad, gets sloshed and gets photographed and appears on the internet.

· A subtle, yet hard hitting, simple yet complex kind of a speech is being made by the prime minister himself (and not some campaign manager writing hindi speeches for their bosses [Italian or otherwise]) and will be proudly showcased by the honourable ‘to be’ prime minister, on all his pad yaatras and conferences. This will depict the preparedness and the proactivity of our honourable ‘to be’ prime minister. (please note that all the words in the speech would have already been defined and a reference book provided for people who are interested in definitions, unlike some other parties who spend their whole campaigns trying to define the word “campaign”)

Our honourable ‘to be’ prime minister is so talented that his talent far surpasses the vices of the opposition. So here was the list, that the honourable ‘to be’ prime minister has decided to go public with. Now you can either trust Mr Bird or trust Mr Bird, because the other party isn’t just trustable at all.

And let me re-iterate one thing, all the comments that I had written about Mr Bird, in the earlier posts, stand to be void from this moment on. If any reference is made to those comments, I have an answer template ready for all of you and it goes something like this… “Isme Opposition Ka Haath Hai”. So stop questioning me on that front.

All other questions / clarifications will be done personally by me or honourable ‘to be’ prime minister. And I would like to finish this post with the marathi way of honouring people…

Bird Saahebaancha… Vijay Aso”…
Saahebaancha… Vijay Aso”…
Saahebaancha… Vijay Aso”…


PS:Apoo, you cannot ask for Mannu to be a part of this election campaign... woh banned hai matlab banned hai... bas... yehi final hai...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

And the nominations for Prime Minister are...

I know it’s scary… but at the same time it is hilarious. These are the dudes that I hang up with frequently (except bird, who likes to ditch). Let me try and put “things” (also known as legislations in legal terms), that these guys will bring into place once they become the prime ministers of India. If you know these guys, you will relate to these “things” and if you don’t know them, this will serve as a piece of information that will help you to know them better (and the more you know about them, the more you dislike them… okay just kidding… they are all very dhammal people to be around with)


All kinds of physical activities and mental activities will be deemed illegal. Obesity will be an added advantage and a bonus. Fit people will be cursed.

Crowded places will be bombarded with weapons of mass destruction.Smoking will be made compulsory and will be made more health-friendly.

Happy will be termed as clean and germ free and will be given 9 star ranking. Happy will be the next starbucks where people can walk in, have “cutting” and read their books (or ebooks)


No action would be taken unless all the words in the action are “defined”. If there are any unclear terms in definition, they too need to be defined. This essentially means no action and only definitions throughout the tenure.

Taller people slapping shorter ones will be the new greeting signal, shaking of hands and hugs will all be illegal.

Telecom operators would be forced to introduce a new call named “Drunk Call” which would be free of cost and would be used by people to call up and give “gaali galoch” to the ones who didn’t join them for drinks.

Online ticket booking will be the only way to buy tickets at a theater. No other mode of ticket booking will be allowed / entertained.


All dishes will be served in 1 by 2. There would not be any one single serving. Serving will necessarily be 1 by 2. Restaurants that don’t oblige will be shut down per-force. Bombil fry will compulsorily be a part of the daily diet and food intake.

The meaning of the phrase “I am not hungry” will completely change. It will mean “I can eat food of 1 normal person”. When someone says “I am little hungry”, it will mean “My Hunger = Hunger of 2 people” and so on and so forth. This proportion can rise algebraically, geometrically or exponentially depending upon the capacity to eat.

Traffic cops (generally known as pandu’s around here) will be given training to talk in English. I know they think English is a phunny language, but then alap is funny as well. Whenever he gets caught by a pandu, he starts blurting the most posh English (instead of the normal marathi) that one could ever find. And pandus will be given training to cope up with that.


The traditional raas garba and dandiya at will be replaced by the “puffy dance” at all navratri mandals. The same applies to other occasions of dancing like ‘ganpati visarjan’, discotheques etc. “puffy dance” will be the next “national dance” of this country.

OTS (One Tight Slap) after every statement would be made compulsory. It is like java, where every statements are to be followed by a ‘;’. Here in this case, every statement should end with an OTS followed by an evil grin.

FAT ladies & aunties will be given priority for all available opportunities like acting, sports, employment. Women’s reservation quota will be changed to “Fat Women’s & Aunties reservation quota”.


Long hair (for both men and women) will be compulsory. You could see everyone, including the army cadets and soldiers sporting long hair. The government will supply free rubber-bands and hair-bands at various outlets if somebody has a problem with the hair falling over their eyes.

All citizens will be made to fast on Saturdays. This is because of the discrimination caused between the ones who fast and the ones who don’t. The ones who fast usually end up getting visuals of what could have been eaten in case they had not fasted and hence this discrimination will be put to an end by everyone fasting on Saturdays.

There will be a new category of awards called the “Blue & Yellow PJ Awards” where PJ stands for Poor Joke (or Paro Joke… one and the same). This will be given to the person who cracks the poorest joke of the year… and two contenders are always in there (Paro & Baangdu)

... and the post of the the prestigious Prime Minister goes to… (take your pick)


Monday, October 03, 2005


Hangover is what happens to a person, the morning following the night when he / she have way too many drinks. It is characterized by headache and a dehydrated body. There are a lot of cures to hangover from drinking black coffee, to having lemon juice to sucking lemons and lots of other “gharelu” tips. But the best cure for a hangover (which happens to be “non-gharelu”) is to have another couple of pegs as soon as you get the hangover. This sounds good… its like making love to a woman in the night and followed by a quickie early next morning.

So does this mean I am drunk and I am nursing a hangover as I am writing this? The answer is no… I am not nursing a hangover and neither did I have drinks last night. So the next logical question that follows would be… then what is this hangover about? According to a research conducted by Mr. Iyer, a hangover doesn’t just apply to just drinks. It applies to a lot of other things in life. Okay, go ahead, ask me… don’t feel shy… ask me… where all does hangover apply? Good question… let me answer that…

I am sure hangover applies to rains. Yes it does… I mean it just did today. Generally, here in Mumbai, it stops raining by the end of September. October is supposed to be very hot followed by some coolness in the months of November – February. But then this year, it rained so much (remember 26/7), so much so that, it went out of limits. And now… the rains are nursing a hangover. Now that its time to stop raining… its raining tits and bits… raining heavily sometimes… raining here and there… what else could this be other than an hangover. Can’t the gods keep rain in its limits? Too much of everything is bad… and on top of it, you have little more of what you already had too much, just in the lame excuse of a hangover. Come on rains… its over… you can stop raining… and leave us to the “October Heat”…

Hangovers must also be applicable to studious “padhakoo” type students. These kind of students are the “mugger” types who keep studying throughout the year. They keep studying so much that, as soon as the exams come to an end, they get a hangover. And what better solution to the hangover than reading the same thing again. For example the guy has around 20 chapters for his syllabus. He rattofies all 20 of them before exams and finally gives the exam. As soon as the exam is over, he nurses the hangover by reading any two chapters out of those 20. God bless these kind of men / women.

I am sure hangover happens to Bloggers too. After getting an overdose of reading Blogs or writing Blogs, what does one do next? Read another blog or write another post. I don’t know about others but I sure do that… and that is a great hangover to nurse… don’t believe me? Read the Blogs of the ones on my list… all of them are very capable of giving you a hangover and at the same time curing them… try it at your own risk :)