Friday, August 05, 2005

Sholay.NET #2

Now that the first trailer of Sholay.Net is out on the blogosphere, I thought it was about time that I came up with trailer #2. I strictly recommend that you read Sholay.Net before you proceed with this post.

Also if you carefully look at the first trailer, no coverage was given to Jai 1.0 in the last post, and the most hilarious scene of the original movie was when Jai discusses Veeru “ka rishta” with Basanti Ki Mausi… That is the precise scene that will be a part of this trailer of Sholay.Net. (I am sorry if certain people think I am overdoing this, but I am so excited about this particular scene, that I had to post it)

Warning: This may get a lil technical so please bear with me…

Act 6:

mausi.txt: “To tum Veeru 2.0 aur Basanti # ke integration ka plan leke aaye ho?”

Jai 1.0: “Jee Haan Mausi(ji).txt…”

mausi.txt: “To Veeru 2.0 ka platform (family background) kya hai?”

Jai 1.0: “Ab kya batayen mausi(ji).txt, aaj kal to platform independent ka zamana hai, Veeru 2.0 bhi platform independent hai… bechara… open source jo thehra… koi bhi aake bhole Veeru 2.0 ko compile karke chala jaata hai…”

mausi.txt: “Veeru 2.0 mein koi runtime errors (bad habits) to nahi hai naa?”

Jai 1.0: “Ab kya batayen mausi(ji).txt… har ek class mein aur function mein error handlers hain Veeru 2.0 mein, but ye program kambakht aisi cheez hai ki error handler ko bhi miss kar deti hai… to run time errors to aa hi jaate hai… but Basanti # ke saath integrate karne ke baad, runtime errors, band hi ho jaayenge…”

mausi.txt: “Veeru 2.0 mein ‘Blue Screen’ (worsest habits) to nahi hai naa?”

Jai 1.0: “Ab kya batayen mausi(ji).txt… kabhi jab processor over heat ho jaata hai… ya RAM corrupt ho jaata hai, to ‘Blue Screens’ to aa hi jaate hai… ab isme Veeru 2.0 ki kya galti hai… ‘Memory Fault Coredump’ to koi badi bimaari thodi hi hai… integration ke baad ekdam theek ho jaayegi…”

mausi.txt: “Waah Jai 1.0, program ho to tumhaare jaisa, itni saari problem hai Veeru 2.0 mein, koi service packs (good habits) bhi nahi hai… phir bhi integration karwaane chale aaye ho… “

Jai 1.0: “kya karein mausi.txt... mera source code hi kuch aisa hai…”


PS: I promise that this will be the last post on Sholay.NET


IdeaSmith said...

This was somewhat heavier than the last post but hilarious nevertheless. You have a real feel for the funnies, y'know.

If some of my profs had thought like you, praps I wouldn't be a techno-weak!

Bird said...

Iyer, i'd like you to do one on Mughal-e-Azam. like garfy suggested.

garfy said...

ROTFL @ koi bhi aake bhole Veeru 2.0 ko compile karke chala jaata hai....

Oi, another demand.... yayyie.. so wen do we see a post on dat?

APOO said...

This could end up being desi version of the matrix.

iyer education said...

apoo: no more sholay trilogy... that ensures no more torments :)

garfy & bird: havent seen mughal-e-azam... and the only dialogues that i know that are even closely related to mughal-e-azam it the "rataloo" one... and that cannot be posted on blog :)

will try something else :)

idea: thanks :)

Bird said...

Iyer, why do you think I asked for it ;)

Megha said...

"Veeru 2.0 bhi platform independent hai... bechara... open source jo thehra"

As a friend says and I have recently picked up the annoying habit from him - Too cool! Too cool only!

And what is this I hear about it being the last post and all? Whatever happened to flogging an idea until the readers beg for mercy? C'mon now. We're still saying nice things about you, and there's plenty more where that came from, I'm sure! :)

*exits chanting hamaari maangein poori karo!*