Monday, July 18, 2005

Tag This!!!

I have been “tagged” by some “god sent devil” and here’s my list of books that I bought, books that I stole, books that I read upside down, books that I read with a magnifying glass etc.

I have been “tagged” by some “devil’s advocate” and here’s the list of names ppl call me with, n things I like about myself, n things I don’t like about myself, n things I am wearing right now, n things I am not wearing right now etc.

Does this sound similar… Read on… On an average every 4.78th blog has this “Oh My God, I have been tagged" thingy (believe in the stats). I find it pretty irritating (nothing against the ones who write it). But the whole concept of tagging itself is like a “fwd” mail business, where if you don’t forward the mail to 348 addresses, some dog might pee on the toe of your left leg (yes that’s right, even if you are wearing a tight shoe)

I find this complete “tagging” business boring and traumatizing to the extreme. Aren’t blogs supposed to be a reflection of someone’s mind… and not someone’s almirah of books or clothes? If they aren’t, read no further, you can click a photo of your almirah and have them on the blog. I am sure no one will tag you then, will they?

Anyhoo, I think tagging actually implies that the blogger is running out of ideas (the phase that I am actually going through right now and hence an indirect post on tagging). So where was I… yeah running out of ideas. So this blogger Mr K, runs out of ideas or is working idly like Mr Iyer Supply or nothing strange is happening around his life for him to note down and post. So what does Mr K (tagger) do... he makes a list of books/cds/dvds and puts it online and asks other people (taggees) to put the list too… that is tagging (at least for me)… and the others follow (taggees in turn become taggers), creating a chain of tags… and one fine day all you can read on the blogosphere are names of books, names of people, names of garments, cd titles, dvd titles etc.

One observation, some (or most) bloggers (taggers and taggees) have empty profiles (as in blogger profiles). Silly isn’t it… people don’t fill up their profiles fearing revelation of their identities but provide ‘n’ names by which people affectionately call them. They don’t reveal the industry they are working for but they reveal the names of kids that they are going to have… shabaash… the above quoted were just examples of what people hide from their profile and what they reveal in the tags… so tagging must be like a mini-skirt… hiding and at the same time revealing too :-)

Tagging = Mail Forwarding
Tagging = No More Ideas
Tagging = Mini Skirt

Therefore: Mini Skirt = No More Ideas & No More Ideas = Mail Forwarding (whatever they mean)

Now I tag chandu, champak, lallu, panjoo, chirkut, ashok and ramesh to take this chain (not the one which one pulls to stop the train) forward...



IdeaSmith said...

Mini Skirt = No more Ideas?????

Examine that statement once again plizzz!

soumya said...

tagging other reflects that we want to know more abt them
it is indirect:-)
but indirectly u also mentioned it in ur post
i hope u got it;-)

iyer education said...

miniskirt all by itself = no more ideas

iyer supply ogling at mini skirt = infinite ideas

Samudraa said...

i like ur attempt@humor in every post........and yes,share ur sentiments on tagging!