Monday, July 04, 2005

John Gray Meets V Robots

This post is a result of two very interesting views. One Mr John Gray and the other Mr Apoorva Joshi. The end result would be no less than vandalizing and traumatizing to the human mind.

View 1:
Mr Apoorva Joshi - When things get too monotonous (and probably boring) we humans end up getting programmed too… examples are order taking at various places like Mcdonalds where repetition is the core of any person who takes the order…

View 2:
Mr John Gray (In his book, Men Are From Mars and Women Are From Venus). I don’t remember the exact lines but here is a gist of it. Women don’t need solutions for their problems from men; they just want men to listen attentively to them.

The above two views are not conflicting each other. They stand perfectly by themselves. But a couple of women commented that View 1 stood right and the people who work in those places don’t need to be attentive, they can work the way they currently do without any changes to it. Hmmm… that brought me to this post…

The situation is this… A married couple… Wife (W) comes back after a bad and tiring day at office… Husband (H) is the guy from Mcdonalds… he isn’t attentive and listening to all that she has to say, but interrupts with repetitive questions… the conversation follows…

W: Hi Darling
H: Hi Darling, Can I have the details of your day? (Notepad in hand, pencil over the ear)

W: It was a bad day today
H: How bad was that, was it “somebody slap you bad” or “you fall in gutter” bad?

W: Worse than that
H: Worse than what, “somebody slap…” “or fall in…”?

W: (Why the hell is he not listening to me… anyhow)
H: (I hope I am following the right protocols… let me wait for the next one)

W: My Boss called me up in the cabin and fired me upside down :-(
H: Which boss, your immediate boss or the one above him (sure the chairman wont call a puny person like you)

W: How does it make a difference? (Has he gone nuts?)
H: The latter increases the scale of badness of your day as compared to the former

W: Then during lunch, I spilt the soup on myself… so terrible…
H: How much portion of the soup did you spill on yourself… ¼, ½, ¾ or full?

W: What difference does it make?
H: Determines the amount of detergent to be used to clean your clothes

W: Then on my way back, a bus splashed muddy water all over me (now determine the detergent needed you dimwit)
H: What kind of bus was that… And What Kind of Pit was it… And How far were you from the pit… (We can sue the driver for being inattentive and make money out of it)

W: Did you listen to what was I saying or were you just hearing it out (and of course ask stupid questions… the worstest way to end my worse day)
H: But you said you liked me the way I am at work, asking questions for every orders and repeating the same thing again and again, this prevents me from committing mistakes (can somebody tell me what women want)

W: That applies to everyone except me (I’m special you see)
H: OK darling… anything else to go with that (ooops.. there I go again)

Bottom line: It pays to be attentive sometimes :)

adios… (line after bottom line)


APOO said...

My post compared with the great John Gray!! LOL! This post needs to be slashdotted or something!

iyer education said...

firstly: what is slashdotted?

my next post is going to be a concotion of this post (already you and gray) and the ideas from a book called "Women Are From Bras, Men Are From Penis" (this is not my original title but an existing parody of MAFMWAFV)

APOO said...

Ha ha ha ha!

Cant wait for your next post!!

And slashdot is like a News for us nerds:

And its effects:

IdeaSmith said...

Very funny indeed...if that's what husbands were all like, we'd all be black widows.

iyer education said...

if wives questioned like... i wud rather be a "baccha"lor... and keep away from all those WBI interrogation

Shobha said...


Anonymous said...

iyer: consider revising the title to ...

Men are FOR bras, Women are FOR penis

think this makes more sense

Nicole said...


Amazing post and Abhi, funny comment!