Saturday, June 04, 2005

Church For Thought

Heard of food for thought... My food for thought mostly comes from a church at chakala at andheri (e). I dont know what they call them, but they have these beautiful quotes outside churches. Quite often people overlook them as they are too busy gathering "knowledge" from magazines, books, laptops etc. They are simple things that you think you know, but actually you tend to overlook these thoughts and ideas in life. Everytime you read them you feel some value added in you. But for me, whenever I am in a state of deep thought (rarely do I enter that state), its by reading these quotes outside churches. They are so simple yet thought provoking... thats what I like about them...

Let me share a couple of those quotes, or whatever with you

"Pride Looks at 'Who' is Right... Humility Looks at 'What' is Right"

"Nobody's ever gone blind by looking at the brighter side of things"

"Happiness is not about having what you want... Happiness is about wanting what you have"

simple yet mind blogging (ooops... boggling)... isn't it ?




Good ones. Its very obvious that we dont look for the "cheap best n rewarding" in our fury to try and attain things that has a flood of human kind behing them. Nice that some one watches the walls

KJ said...

Happiness is not the result of favorable conditions. That's backwards. Favorable conditions result from happiness. So what does it take to be happy? Nothing more than a willingness to be happy. Happiness comes from the way you respond to life. There are people who have every reason to be miserable, but who still live with happiness and joy. In every life, there is room for happiness.

Everyone has challenges. Everyone has disappointments.
Yet they do not have to get you down. True happiness comes not from the absence of problems. True, enduring happiness comes in
spite of the problems.

Happiness is not a reaction, it is a choice.

Let it be your choice.

Bird said...

Yes, happiness is a perspective. Conditions are just realities. It is how you decide to view the reality. Its not even a choice, its conditioning that shape a persons views.

iyer education said...

scribblez: thanks for appreciating

bird & kj: whatever you said is right and for me to put happiness in a nutshell is "being satisfied with whatever you have" and thats what "wanting what you have states"