Friday, May 27, 2005

My Family – My Most Valuable Asset

I know what everyone’s gotta say about this. Iyer has gone “senti” again. But this is a post that I am writing from the bottom of my heart and this post is dedicated to the most powerful force in my life. My family. Everyone (friends, foes, near and dear ones, well wishers) in my life has a contribution towards my success, but my family has been one force that I would like to reckon with for my success and my well being and this one is dedicated to them. Let me introduce u guys to them.

Warning: All characters in this post are real and bear amazing resemblances with someone living in this world (that’s my family).

Amma i.e. Maata i.e. Mother: I would always be an amma’s son and this is my amma. The world’s sweetest amma that I have ever come across. Actually I haven’t come across anyone else who I can call amma and hence my amma is the sweetest. She is dhammal when it comes to having fun and is at her worst when you cross ways with her. She is the person who always motivates me negatively. She always thinks of worst case scenarios and is tensed about it and that helps me tremendously to make sure that I have covered myself up to take care of them. She would always call me a “failure” a “vagabond” when I quit my job to take up further studies. But now I realize that all that she had done was prepare me mentally so that I wont be a failure in life. I hope I have stood upto her expectations of success and failure. My amma loves madraasi operas and wont miss a single episode of some of them. She would even forget that I am her son during some amazingly ham episodes. But once the crap show is done with, she is back at doing what she does the best, serving the family selflessly. I have always been amazed by the way she has lived her life. A working mom during day and a house-wife when at home. All the duties and responsibilities completely taken care of by her. Its amazing to see her all energetic even at this age of 56. I just laav her and I would do just about anything for her. Oh by the way she keeps taunting me everyday over the no of ciggies I smoke :) and I love to dodge those taunts :)

Appa i.e. Pita i.e. Father: My Appa is one of a kind dad. He is hilarious, moody, disciplined and every other adjective for “character”. Someday I would like to be like him. Simple and straightforward. But it’s the most difficult thing to do. I try my level best but I just cant get even close to being where my dad has been. He is a very religious man and religiously does pooja everyday. He asks me to do it and I again dodge that request (I hope someday I would do it for him… anything to make him happy). Oh by the way he is an amazing badminton player. He is 59 and he can still make me run to all corners of the court in a game of badminton. My bapu is a complete water baby and loves the sight of rivers, seas, pools etc. (this is something where I level upto him). Sadly my father never could make as much money as other ambitious fathers did, but he always was respected for what he was and that is something that I have to learn big time from him. He is the best cook that I have ever come across. Don’t believe me, come down to my place sometime and I will ask him to prepare “aviyal”(mallu speciality) or “payasam”(kheer) and you would believe me then. All in all hats off to my dad for being such a strong force and an idol for me to get inspired from.

Tangai i.e. Behen i.e. Sister: She is my step mom. If there is someone who tortures me to the core at home, its her. I always have had a special bonding with her, as kids we were alone at the house when parents used to go out to work and I loved the fights with her, doing ghar ka kaam (translated: home work) and fighting again with her. Now she has grown up to be my mom. She keeps taunting me for not studying, not taking things seriously, watching wrestling and every other thing that pisses her off. But again she has been phenomenal in trying to discipline me to a certain extent, but I guess all her efforts are a big failure. Oh by the way she was the one who told everyone in the house that I smoke so I have to settle that bill someday.

I don’t know what I would have done without them. I would surely had been a vagabond then. I don’t know how to repay for everything that they have done to me. I guess the question of repaying arises when you can value something. This brings me to another predicament, how do I value what they have done for me. Money would be the cheapest denominator. Is there any tool available on the Internet that can value what our parents have done for us. If so please forward me the link to that.

I have heard a lot of crap about someone being independent and lots of other stuff like that, but let us ask ourselves, “are we really independent?”… or rather “were we really independent?”… I am sure most of the times the answer is going to be NO. Then I guess we should do something for our parents to make them happy and make them feel proud of ourselves.

All suggestions are welcome… and the
early bird gets the worm :)



Can say I feel DITTO- Parents are the force that drive you even when you are in RESERVE...Best thing to do is to show them what you wrote and you can see the sheepish modest smile, get you Dad to look 5 years younger and tell your mom all the guys in the colony are now talking about how beautiful she is....But sincerely, without doing anything, parents will always be parents n always drool over you!!

Bird said...

Iyer, our talk of being "independent" was for us to know how different this world is without parents. I have always appreciated what my parents have done for me, but i do not want to be a burden on them anymore, plus i want to know how harsh the world is without "parent filters"

iyer education said...

STW: thanks for the idea

bird: i never meant to taunt u on yesterday's conversation. i just know a lot of people who say my parents are making my life a living hell. hell i need to be independant.

whatever i have posted is with pure reverence to all the parents and not as a taunt to some unruly kids

iyer education said...

dont u remember the convo that we had some night on our way back from bandra, when we were speaking about what our parents have given us and what have we given them..

i had already known that you deeply respect them...

so there is no rhyme or reason for me to taunt u on that... i swear this is only what i strongly feel about and has got nothing to do with last night's conversation

Ravi Nambiar said...

Arun - No words to say except Jeetliya re

APOO said...

Iyer, the bottomline is, parents have always been there when we needed them.
There will come a time when they will need you. Make sure you are there. Probably thats the best repayment.