Friday, May 20, 2005

Bollywood Calling !!!

Ralphie, this one is completely ripped from your blog (Movie Crossovers), the only difference being that this is a rip-off on our own Bollywood Movies. So here goes a list of nothing :)

Hero No 420: Raj Kapoor finding his grand daughter (karishma) flirting with Govinda and then begins the FAMILY DRAMA.

Hare Karan Hare Arjun: Dev Anand goes in search of his father (he is still young you see). The suspect fathers: Shahrukh (Arjun) or Salman (Karan)

Mother Hindustani: Nargis, the mother of Aamir Khan struggles to get him a taxi and finally punctures the tyres of the same cab she gifted him.

Satya Ki Company: Satya, Bhikhu and Ajay take over the whole world and put it under (I mean underworld). Even Microsoft is smaller than this company

Satte Pe Cheetah: Seven brothers Vs Mithun Da: fighting for glory and girlfriends.

Deewar Ki Bhi Aankhen Hoti Hai: Psycho (Big B) hires 3 blind guys to steal luggage from a Coolie (Big B Again)

Kaho Na Kaamchor Hai: Roshan Father and Son fighting out for the ultimate position of a lazy-bum.

Ali Baba Aur Charlie’s Angels: Dharam Paji lured by Drew, Cameron and Lucy Liu with GSM Technology (Khulja SIM SIM)

Khiladi No 403: Akshay Kumar does breath-taking stunts in a “ghoda gaadi”, (popularly known as Victoria in Mumbai)

Sholay Aur Shabnam: Thakur Hires Bade Miya and Chote Miya to molest Gabbar.

Dilwale Julie Le Jaayenge: Shahrukh loves Kajol in a farm and ends up taking Neha Dhupia (prostitute) back to London for her sex appeal and nudity.

Dil To Rangeela Hai: Aamir sells black tickets of Shahrukh’s (MAYA) shows and ends up wooing all the women.

Gol Angoor Maal: Utpal Dutt ends up with 2 qty of Amol Palekar, Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Varma each.

Mission Mil Gaya: Hrithik meets up his old friend(Jaadoo) in Kashmir as foes… and what happens next is mind-boggling!!!

Mr & Mrs India: An invisible couple stuck up in riots in kashmir created by the world famous Mogambo.

Pati, Patni Aur Ajnabee: Story of a husband, wife and wife swapping :)

will add more later... adios

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