Friday, May 20, 2005

Blog Complex

Okay let me confess that for the last couple of days all I have been doing is to check blogs of lots of people. Someones are hilarious, some are thought provoking, some are out of this world and some are just bland(that’s me).

And I am suffering from this thing called the BLOG COMPLEX. This is the new addition to the already set of complexes which are as follows:

© Hint Use BODMAS to open the brackets

All I could figure out from there was that my blogs are way too simple (that’s a complete reflection of me). Other people have blogs that are so wonderfully written and it almost sounds poetic when you start reading them. Mine actually sounds like you are reading a ticket that you just purchased from Churchgate Station. Some of the reasons of this blog complex are as follows (again excuses)

Blogs are allowed only in English. Blogs should be allowed in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, Swahili and Zulu languages. (I failed to mention the most important language “JAVA”). I guess then I can be funny :)

I should be able to hand-write blogs. My handwriting in this font is very legible and readable. This should not be the case. Look at my answer papers that I have been hand writing all the time, I get good marks there. (Just because the profs cant make anything)

Regional Gaali Galoch (that is bad words and slang) is not allowed in blogs. Had this been the case, my blogs would be full of Bh#$%#$#@, Ch#$#$%, La#$#$#$ etc, each of which add a punch… a knock out punch

I generally don’t access the web (after all the web is the internet) when I am drunk. That is the time when I am at my creative best. (Confirm that with Abhi and Bird and Alap). So I guess I should be more writing my blogs when I am in the drunk state

I learnt English from Rapidex English Speaking Course in 30 days. Anybody who wants to learn English should keep away from this book or else you would end up writing blogs like mine. Try some of the books available from India Book House they are good :).

But all said and done whats there is there, so like it or not I will keep writing my blogs in the same manner. I am the world’s Best “WORST BLOG WRITER” and I will continue to be one :)

One more thing; please add some comments to it, or else I will have to comment on my posts again in the same language (as prescribed in Rapidex)

PS: Rapidex is not to be confused with Iodex. You cannot learn English from Iodex


Bird said...

Iyer, doesn't matter whether you can write well or not. Its your own space use it the way you like it.

And a suggestion: I think there's a voice based blog. I think you'd be a hit with it. Try & search that. What can be better than to "listen" to the classic iyer jokes in your own voice.

APOO said...

I agree with Bird. Its your own space. Take advantage of India's democracy!

Voice based blog = podcasting (sort of). Its catching up. But getting replaced real quick by video blogging.