Wednesday, May 18, 2005

3 Kg Wajan Ab Har Mahine Hai Ghatana !!!

Okay guys, I have stolen this line from the surf ad which goes “2 Bucket Paani Ab Rozana Hai Bachana” and for the ones who don’t know what does “3 kg wajan…” stand for: It means “I have to lose/burn 3 kgs (6 lbs) of flab every month”. Yes guys, I have become a health freak (okay I already was a freak... now I just added health to it)

Yes peopull (that’s people in Malayalam), that’s my new short-term goal (every body should have a self goal: I scored mine in an inter-school match). Lose 3 kgs(6 lbs) every month until I am my normal weight (I have highlighted this part because one of my friends told me that if I keep losing 3 kgs every month I will be dead in 2 yrs i.e. 72/3 = 24 months). I am overweight by around 12 kgs(24 lbs) and this exercise will take around 4 months :)

Anyways, the plan for losing 3 kgs(6 lbs) every month is as follows

1. Strict diet control (no bahar ka khana and oily & fatty food not allowed)
2. Walking and jogging 45 mins everyday
3. No booze
4. Drinking 2 – 3 liters of water a day

This plan doesn’t seem too taxing except for the booze thing, but I guess people wont mind if I have fresh lime soda to accompany them. If paro can have bacardi breezer then I have the right to have a fresh lime soda :) (what say abhi and bird)

I have been successfully implementing this for the last 3 days so it’s a new record in the “GUINESS BOOK OF ARUN RECORDS”. Yes this book has exclusive records of arun iyer and this feat adds to it. I don’t seem to be any different but I am beginning to feel different. I can’t say if this feeling is healthy or unhealthy but whatever it is, it sure feels like hunger :)

So that’s with the plan, if anyone wants to join me, please let me know well in advance so that I can have enough time to counsel you and mentally prepare you for this weight losing drill :) (oh by the way jogging and walking is fun… especially when u get to ogle at all good looking gals in the joggers park)

*Conversion Factors Used: 1 Month = 30 Days :: 1 kg = 2lbs(approx) :: 1 Day = 24 Hrs

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