Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Exam Preparations - Are They Always This Way??

I can post something only about things that I am currently doing / undergoing (thats what a good friend of mine told me... ya bewa its you) and the only thing that i am doing right now (rather not doing right now) is trying to prepare for my upcoming exams which are just a week away

Exams are coming up real fast... they are lurking just around the corner... they always have been lurking just around the corner... no matter which semester or year you are studying in... they are lurking around right from day one of the college/school begins... Some of my observations on exams and their preparations...

Exams, and their preparations seem to be the same regardless of the fact whether the exams are 286 1/3 days away or a day away... you are always unprepared(rather not completely prepared)... you always need that extra second / minute / hour / day / week to completely prepare yourself completely, but anything extra will always be used up for leisure and you are still unprepared till the end momemt... what was that parkinsons had said?? yeah "work tends to fill in the time"... i would always prefer to study at the last moment... atleast i dont need additional time for rituals called "revision"

There are always occasions coming up during exams... they always happen to me... 96 world cup during XII, 99 world cup during graduation (damn those ppl for holding a world cup after 3 yrs instead of 4)... why... why do i have to make a choice between studying economics and watching an india pakistan match... but whenever confronted with something like that, I always make the right choice (Indo Pak of course)... Right now I still havent got over the hangover of Dhoni's innings of 148 when i should have had the hangover of reading micheal porter's strategic management... some things never change :)

Last moment everyone realises that they dont have something or the other... it may be a calculator or some photocopies of sessions or even the subject of tomorrow's examinations... this is the height of being prepared for something... and we spend much of our time getting that thing rather than studying... but believe me getting these missing things are much more fun than studying... and eventually it so happens that all that we had collected are never used by us... but what the heck, we had great fun figuring out that its missing and spending oodles of time trying to get it :)

ciao guys... i will write about my exams... wud be hilarious... just like my answer sheet :)

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